Project that is financed by TACT goes through six phases that are monitored and approved by the Board. The six phases include (i) establishment phase (ii) application phase (iii) review phase (iv) award phase (v) management phase and (vi) close-up phase.

Project Solicitation Mechanism

The project pipeline for funding through TACT is prepared primarily by the Project Manager(s) who ensure that the projects that are submitted to TACT are in line with respective funder’s term sheets. Such projects will be obtained through public advertisements or solicited through value chain studies and/or Government priorities. However, all projects (regardless of their solicitation root) must demonstrate that they (i) are primarily set up to address smallholder farmer challenges, (ii) address social and environmental protection, (iii) have means to obtain at least 30% of the investment costs from the private sector, (iv) embrace the local content policy of the Nation and (v) fulfil the funder’s specific requirements.

Fund Solicitation

  • Settler Signs Loan/Grant Agreement with Funder
  • Board Sign Custodian Agreement with Project Fund Manager
  • Secretariat develop Budgets and seek approval from the Board and Setttler Funders

To solicit financial/fund the TACT conduct the following process:-