TACT commenced the implementation of farmers electronic motoring system which will be used to benchmark farm economic performance of crops and dairy herds of all sizes, in order to facilitate farmers’ health checks, confirming critical; best practices through extension officer. The electronic monitoring system operates in structured database system for the dairy farmers. The contracts between the system implementer have been signed and phase one and two of the project implementation completed. The system facilitate data mining and analysis for informed decision across the entirely agricultural value chain. This in turn will lower producer costs and increase farm and animal productivity.

The core purpose of the system is to record and benchmark farm economic performance of dairy herds of all sizes, in order to identify the top 25% of the industry within each management system, and to drill into why they are outperforming their peers, confirming critical best practices. The performance data analysis identifies the elite animals in the upper quartile to assist farmers with selection decisions (breed and strain) and to develop and refine a local profitability index for cows, cow families and the future local bull team.

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