Project that is financed by TACT goes through six phases that are monitored and approved by the Board. The six phases include (i) establishment phase (ii) application phase (iii) review phase (iv) award phase (v) management phase and (vi) close-up phase.

Develop Business Plan

TACT together with Applicant, Fund Manager, IC and AC develop Business Plan through the following steps:-

Assess Fund availability 

  • The Applicant Submits the Detailed Business Plan to the PFM
  • The PFM Reviews The Business Plans and Assists Applicants
  • Secretariat Reviews Applicants’ Fiscal Integrity
  • Secretariat Recommends Projects for financing to the IC

Review The application 

  • IC Review the Project Business Plans
  • IC Assess Project Risks
  • IC Review Project Performance Indicators
  • IC Recommend Projects for financing to the Board through AC

Recommend Fund Allocation 

  • AC Review Budgets
  • AC Committee Proposes Fund (Re)allocations
  • AC Prepares Its recommendations to the Board
  • The Board Approves the Business Plan