Project that is financed by TACT goes through six phases that are monitored and approved by the Board. The six phases include (i) establishment phase (ii) application phase (iii) review phase (iv) award phase (v) management phase and (vi) close-up phase.

Manage Project Implementation

TACT together with Applicant, Fund Manager, Audit Committee manage project implementation through the following steps:-

Monitor Farmers/Recipient

  • PFM Conducts Programming Monitoring
  • PFM Receives Reports from Local Government and Field Officers
  • Secretariat Conducts Smallholder Farmers Periodic Heath Checks
  • Secretariat Manages Grievance Redress Mechanism

Monitor Service ProviderĀ 

  • Applicant receives and reviews service providers performance reports and informs the Secretariat
  • Secretariat Prepares a performance report to the IC
  • The IC prepared recommendations to the Board on Project post awards actions

Monitor Fund ApplicantĀ 

  • Audit Committee receives and reviews financial reports from Applicants
  • Audit Committee Prepares Its recommendations to the Board
  • Audit committee prepares Procurement audit report