About Njombe Milk Factory

Njombe milk Factory Company Ltd is a registered company limited by shares with its head office in Njombe Town, Njombe region southern Highlands of Tanzania. The company collects raw milk from about 700 dairy farmers organized in 56 groups through the established dairy farmers’ cooperative society (NJOLIFA) for processing and produces high quality of dairy products.  The cooperative owns 20% stake of the company.


Project Name:

Dairy farmers strengthening on modern farming practices and sustainable economic improvement in Njombe region.


Project Location:

Njombe regions


Project Funding Level:

USD 100,000 from SAGCOT CTF

USD 30,000 ASAS Contribution


Project Objectives:

The company is aiming to harmonize and involve 1200 Njolifa ( Milk producer’s cooperative) Dairy Farmers into dairy interventions in order to collects 5500 Lts of raw milk per day from the smallholder milk producers  to ensure the sustainability of the farmers and the company.


Expected project Outputs

  1. About 1,200 livestock keepers will directly benefit from the project.
  2. With USD 100,000 requested from SAGCOT CTF will catalyze about USD 18,000 from the company private investment.
  3. Guaranteed market for NJOLIFA farmers at reliable and reasonable price including logistic support for transportation of the milk from milk collection centers.