About ASAS Dairies LTD

Project Name:

Improving smallholder dairy competitiveness and productivity

 Project Location:

Mbeya and Njombe regions

 Project Funding Level:

USD 100,000 from SAGCOT CTF

USD 30,000 ASAS Contribution


Project Objectives:

The project intends to increase smallholder farmer milk production and productivity through;

  1. Provision of low cost feed input to double milk production per cow per day. Low cost input will reduce the cost of production, increase productivity and increase the farmers’ profit margins.
  2. Establishing a farmer led Enterprise Development Fund which will facilitate access to credit funds hence will reduce the difficulty in bearing risks, transaction costs of milk production and marketing; therefore, increases investment potential of the target farmers.
  3. The project will also improve the genetic potential of local herds through offering and Promotion of Artificial Insemination (AI) with a target of 80% uptake of AI services; cows will be synchronized into heat and inseminated to improve and increase the breeding stock. Estrous detectors will be used to time insemination and reduce chances of repeat insemination

Expected project Outputs

  1. Improved smallholder farmer’s milk collection infrastructures and milk productivity.
  2. The installed capacity gap of 77% provides a ready, reliable and sustainable market for producers
  3. 400 farmers from Rungwe, Busokelo and Njombe will be linked to a permanently source of income and thereby lifting poverty.
  4. With USD 100,000 from SAGCOT CTF, will catalyze about 994,850 USD by 2016 and USD 2,345,805 by 2025 ASAS private capital investments.
  5. Estimated 1,540 employment will be created along the value chain.