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 Stakeholder’s Analysis

The aim of conducting the stakeholder analysis is to assess Fund’s position to satisfy the aspirations and expectations of our stakeholders in service delivery provision. It also involves an overall understanding of the various categories of stakeholders. A stakeholder in this case is defined as “a person, group or institution with vested interest in the success or failure of SAGCOT-CTF”. The key stakeholders and their needs or expectations to be met by the Fund have been analyzed below:


Smallholder farmers:

Smallholder farmers are characterised by low use of agriculture technologies, weak start-up capital muscle to invest in higher risk projects, lack of important skills on project risks anticipation, mitigation and control. These; combined with several other factors leads to low production, low productivity, low profitability and therefore low farmer income.


Larger scale farmer

These are well established commercially producing farmers that have relatively higher production, processing, marketing and distribution advantage.


Private sector

Private sector includes private enterprises or individual businesses that are not owned or operated by the States and aim for profit making. The SAGCOT-CTF shall gear to actively involve the private sector into investing to agricultural activities. The Fund understands the risk environment of agricultural businesses as one of the factor that keeps away investment in the sector. The Fund therefore, will guarantee investments in agricultural activities through covering the identified risk areas. The Fund will also promote availability and allocation of cooperate social responsibility fund (CSRF).

Other Stakeholders

Nevertheless, other stakeholders/clients that the SAGCOT-CTF endeavors to satisfy their aspirations and expectations include the following:-

  • Politicians
  • Processors
  • Government
  • Other Agricultural Sector Ministries
  • LGAs
  • Producers and Traders
  • Investors/Financiers
  • Employees
  • Civil Society Organizations
  • Development Partners
  • Public
  • Government Agencies
  • Cooperative Unions












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